Geotix For Event Creators

Every ticketing platform tells you they can help you market your event.

What they really mean is that they can connect you to third-party apps, let you use their database to email, or tap into their social media.  That’s because they are just a ticketing platform. (Yawn)

You Sell More When You Sell on the Network!

Geotix is a network of 80 Network Partners and nearly 1,000 affiliate event listing sites nationally 4,000 worldwide that provides you with marketing tools to reach your local market and beyond. Simple platforms cannot give you the local support you need to get your message across and get noticed above the noise because they are not local.

The Geotix result: You get expanded event, brand exposure and reach. More exposure = more ticket sales.

Everything You Need to Sell Tickets

Our network can provide unique local marketing capabilities along with a ticketing platform with all the features you expect (and deserve)

  •  Reserved seating
  • Online and mobile check-in and scanning
  • At-The Door sales
  • Unlimited ticket types and prices
  • An easy, intuitive interface
  • Personal dashboard for analytics
  • at no cost to you

For venues and creators with multiple events, we have all the tools you need.

In addition to your event listing page, your ticketing link and your network boost functionality, we can provide you with a network-enabled, customizable calendar where you can list all your events on your webpage at no cost.

Create an event to try it out or contact us for a demo.

If you can’t “Boost” your event you can’t maximize your event sales.

Boosting is a powerful, easy to use, cost-effective tool that syndicates your event page (and ‘Get Tickets” button) across the network, expanding the number of sites your event can be seen on and the number of people that can click your “Get Tickets” button.


Here is how it works and why we are the one who can do it. 

  1.  Create your event, or events on Geotix (its fast and easy).
  2. After you create your event, click the “Promote Your Event” button
  3. Our powerful algorithm analyzes your event (location, nature of the event, size of the event, etc.) and searches for the most relevant sites on the network.
  4. You get the list, push the button and you are boosted.

Words from the wise!

“We love using Red Pin Tix for our Craft Beer Throwdown because it makes check-in so streamlined, and it’s also a great deal to get free promotion on the website and email blasts. […] We’re grateful to partner with LEO Weekly to spread the word about our events and further our mission!

Melissa Raley

Coalition for the Homeless

“… Whenever we needed help, their customer care was first-in-class; responsive, caring, and proactive! Their software seamlessly integrated with our communication tools and their check-in tools made for speedy day-of processing. Thanks again for everything!

Romy Eberle

Vermont Works for Women

“…  the results were fantastic! My North not only provided us with the mechanism to sell tickets but worked in several ways to help promote and drive ticket sales. As a result, our airshow sold more online tickets than it had previously ever sold before.

Matt Barresi

Wings Over Northern Michigan Airshow

Our Network Partners Make You More Sucessful

Our Network of Partners work hand in hand with you to interlace local and regional messages with digital boosts for maximum reach.

+ 80 additional Network Partners, 600+ affiliate event listing sites nationally AND 4,000 worldwide!

Get Your Events On the Network


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